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Episode 2 | When You Don’t End Up Loving Pregnancy Like You’re ‘Supposed’ To.

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After my miscarriages, i was obviously stoked to be pregnant again and have a successful pregnancy. However, what i wasn’t expecting was how much depression and anxiety i would suffer throughout it. My pregnancy was nothing like ‘social media’ pregnancies. There were times i hated being pregnant and i found it hard to find any other people out there who felt the same. I felt guilty after my miscarriages like i should be over the moon, but i wasn’t. I was constantly consumed with fear that something would go wrong and this carried on throughout my entire pregnancy. Now i know that i had Perinatal Anxiety and Depression. Perinatal means the beginning of pregnancy through to birth. I also suffered Post Natal Anxiety and Depression, which therefore puts me under the Perinatal banner. I don’t think this is discussed enough for both women and MEN! I’m hoping by opening up about it i can make someone feel a little less alone during these tough times. Xx

Here are the links i spoke about in my podcast.

NIPT Test –


Beyond Blue –

Anxiety, Depression, Kids & Family, Miscarriages, Podcasting, Podcasts, Pregnancy, Pregnant, SANDS Australia

Episode 1 | Trying To Get Pregnant, Falling Pregnant And Miscarriages.

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This is my experience of trying to fall pregnant, getting pregnant and my two miscarriages. During this time i found it hard to find info i could relate to. So i’m taking my honesty and retelling my story of it all and hoping you can relate and feel less alone through such shit times. Xx

As i said in my podcast here’s the link to SANDS Australia

Here’s another link that might be helpful. You can search for a psychologist and find one close to you

Please Note: There’s swearing, but i swear. Can’t have a podcast that is a ‘fake’ version of me. Sorry!